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Show 1

The first show.
Bringing a lot of different styles this week, pop, rock, dub and metal, I think this show will enlighten a lot of people.

Rowleys Submissions:
The Vitamins – Later Would be Better
Ant Timson – Strangers
Petes Submissions:
The Karoshi Brothers – Love Da World
Juan Frenti – Artwells Dub
Colins Submissions:
Phil Cooper – Numero Uno
MelonFarmer – Everything you Told Me (Was a lie)

There is a lot going on in the shadows for this show, be sure to check in again.
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First Post

Just to let you lovely people know – the new podcast from the DarkCompass Camp is currently in the making

“Made in the UK”

A music podcast dedicated to music only from UK artists, of all genres, with collaborations from other UK Music Podcasters. Bringing together great music and content from the UK to the World.

Artists wanting to have their tunes played should contact, for consideration.