Show 2

This week, Pop, Rock, Indie and Asian Underground – a rich tapestry of tunes. Rowleys Submissions:Little Name – Traci and IThe Boxer Rebellion – Broken GlassColins Submissions:Reiser – RockstarAnemo – PrayPetes Submissions:Dexter – Tits and BiscuitsTransglobal Underground – Emotional Yoyo… Read More »Show 2

Show 1

The first show.Bringing a lot of different styles this week, pop, rock, dub and metal, I think this show will enlighten a lot of people. Rowleys Submissions:The Vitamins – Later Would be BetterAnt Timson – StrangersPetes Submissions:The Karoshi Brothers –… Read More »Show 1

First Post

Just to let you lovely people know – the new podcast from the DarkCompass Camp is currently in the making “Made in the UK” A music podcast dedicated to music only from UK artists, of all genres, with collaborations from… Read More »First Post