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About MIUK

The Made in the UK Show is a community podcast, meaning that anyone with an interest in helping to promote Creative Commons and independent music from the United Kingdom is welcome to apply to join our roster of regular contributors.

The show was originally formed back in 2007 by Ro from Darkcompass, and ran regularly until 2016 when it suddenly entered a period of hiatus that no-one really anticipated. The first episode was produced by Ro with contributions from Pete of PC Podcast fame (amongst others), and Colin – formerly from the Ourobouros Podcast – now the host of the Raw Footage film review podcast. Over the 9 years of its original run, contributions were made by a large number of UK music podcasters to the tune of 197 Made in the UK episodes.

Now, it is our intention to rebrand and reboot in 2022, keeping the spirit of the original run of the podcast by promoting the very best in Creative Commons and independent music from the United Kingdom.

Made in the UK, by the community, for the world.