Ro Cutler

Ro has been producing Podcasts since December 2004, and is one of the longest running podcasters in the country, playing every musical genre you can find from all over the world.

With over 600 shows now under his belt with DarkCompass, Ro went on to move DarkCompass,¬†focusing mainly on Heavy Metal in all it’s modern forms, as well as initiating Made in the UK with the help of the other hosts here. The Association of Music Podcasting has been a strong component in his drive to find and show the world new music.

You can find Ro at DarkCompass

Colin Gazeley

Ourobouros Podcast

Graham Holland

It’s a Frog Life Acoustic

Dave & Caroline Lee

The BugCast

Stuart Morrison

Insomnia Radio UK

Justin Wayne

The Justin Wayne Show

Guest Hosts:

Nick Tann

Nick Tann creator of weekly independent music podcast is This Thing On, singer, songwriter, strummer of all things strummed and all round good egg.

Find Nick at Nick Tann and his show at The Is This Thing on Podcast

Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison is the host of the Insomnia Radio: New York podcast, as well as co-host of The LeftLion Sessions podcast and regular contributor to LeftLion’s Nottingham-based magazine and website.

Her interests include damaging her ear drums at gigs every week, scribbling in notebooks, singing the praises of independent music and biting off more than she can chew.

Find Sarah at Insomnia Radio New York and at LeftLion

Gabor Kovacs

Host of electrical language, based in rural Hampshire. Guerilla broadcaster since 2005.

You can find electrical language at

Pete Cogle

Pete Cogle has been podcasting since January 2006, and his PC Podcast extends to over 300 shows. Playing wonderful music from Indie through Punk, Reggae, Electronica and just plain weird – every week. Pete’s also produced The Dub Zone since May 2007 and The Dub Step Zone since January 2009, both of which are 30-40 minute mixes – every fortnight.

Pete’s also been a member of the Association Of Music Podcasting since May 2006, and is the association’s webmaster. An active member of MIUK since it’s beginnings in December 2007, you can be sure Pete will unearth some of the wonderful sounds eminating from the UK.

Find Pete at, PC Podcast, pcp2, The Dub Zone, The Dubstep Zone

Martin Devaughan
GreenDragon Media

Ewan Spence
TPN Rock Show
The PSP Show

Grant Mason
Three from Leith

Paul Snelling
Music and Mumblings

Izzie Voodoo
Voodoo Quota Show

Alan Carr
Dark Horse Radio

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