Made in the UK 37

Pete from PCPodcast up from this week with Colin and Izzie on the flank carrying some great sounds to your ears this week.

Petes Submissions:
Civilian – If the Sun (Nottingham UK)
Mexico Indigo – The Northern Line (London UK)
Colins Submissions:
Windmill – Toyko Moon (Newport Pagnall, England)
Bang Bang Bang – This Way, That Way (Brighton, England)
Izzies Submissions:
The Uniform – kill me car (Barnsley, England)
Brenda- Big Dog Broken Hand (Bournemouth/Poole/ London UK)

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One thought on “Made in the UK 37”

  1. The song by Civilian makes me happy. Might have to borrow that one for my show sometime. 😉

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