Made in the UK 75

Alan (Darkhorse Radio) hosts ths weeks show which has a definite Nottingham flavour. Three of the five featured bands come from there and one of the guest hosts! Made in the UK is pleased to welcome two newcomers to our fortnightly review – Dave (The Bugcast) co-hosts his segment with his wife Caroline and, from Insomnia Radio NY (but really from Nottingham), we welcome Sarah Morrison. Sarah has agreed to join the team as a regular host.

Sarah’s Submissions:
Board Games by Dog is Dead (Nottingham)
Not Enough by M1Connect (Nottingham)

Dave / Caroline’s Submissions:
Hand in Mine by Acoustic Jim (Leeds)
Choices by The Idolins (Nottingham)

Alan’s Submissions:
Seventeen by The Shallow Call (Northwich)
I Wanted You More Than You Wanted Me by The Shallow Call

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