Made in the UK 77

Special thanks to Lartti, for helping us find the audio for this episode deep in their archive!

A mixed bag as always in this weeks episode of Made in the UK. We’ve mainly got Northern bands with 5 out of the six artists coming from up there. We’ve got 2 solo artists who aren’t really acoustic, 2 duos who make more noise than they have any right to and 2 five-piece bands who will rock your socks off.

Grahams Submissions:
Days Of Wonder by Jon Hollins (Pendle)
Chasing Yourself by Alun Parry (Liverpool)

Gabors Submissions:
Everyone Comes To Life by Goonies Never Say Die (Blackpool)
Darling Dear by Little Fish (Oxford)

Colins Submissions:
Rust by The Kiara Elles (Leeds)
We Are Your Diversity by Belladonna (Darlington)


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