Made In The UK Show 146

This time around hosted by Ro of DarkCompass, Stuart of Insomnia Radio UK, and Nick Tann of Is This Thing on. A Bumper collection this time with three submissions from each.

Ros First Submission:
Laurence Made Me Cry: The Rain Song (Bristol)
Stuarts Submissions:
Clockwork Radio: Feel it Up (London)
The I.D.: Age Anti Age (London)
Veronica Falls: My Heart Beats (London)
Ros Second Submission:
The Loaded Dice: Love Letters (Manchester)
Nicks Submissions:
Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards: In My Laboratory (South)
The Murder Barn: Harvest (London)
Bobby Good: Grace (Brighton)
Ros Last Submission:
Cold in Berlin: … and the darkness bangs (London)

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