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Made In The UK Show 188

Hosted this time by Colin from Ourobouros Podcast

  1. Strange World by Space, from Liverpool
  2. The Beat Of Your Heart by The Hate Eighties, from Glasgow
  3. Invisible Man by Zurich, from Oxford
  4. Broken by Damien J. Brennan, from Castlewellan, N. Ireland
  5. Starting From Scratch by Tony Steele & The Massacre, from Liverpool
  6. Black Swans by Abel Raise The Cain, from Teeside

(picture: Damien J. Brennan, taken from Facebook)

Made in the UK Show 121

An unforgivably late show this week with all the hosts, Colin, Nick and Dave & Caroline, forgetting they were due to do the show.

Colin’s First Selection

Coming Up For Air by To Bury A Ghost (East Midlands)

Nick’s Selections

A Letter (To The Loves Of Emma) by Sand River (Durham)
Leave The Light On by The Lost Souls Club (Southampton)

Dave & Caroline’s Selections

Velvet Mornings by Lois (Nottingham)
The Beast Of The Air by Tom Slatter (London)

Colin’s Second Selection

Network by Echolounge (Cardiff)

Made in the UK Show 114

A rather haphazard show, somewhat fraught with difficulties that still manages to highlight some more great UK independent music. Colin, Sarah & Justin are your hosts.

Colin’s First Selection

It’s Alright by The Retro Trade (Devon)

Sarah’s Selections

Holy Saturday, Gloomy Sunday by Tigers That Talked (Leeds)
Forgive Us We’re British by Captain Dangerous (Nottingham)

Justin’s Selections

Feathers by Pareto (Glasgow)
Like What You See by Rachel Golding (Brighton)

Colin’s Second Selection

Promises by Nitzer Ebb (London)

Made in the UK 105

This week Colin, Sarah and Pete provide the usual diverse selection of the music that can be found in the UK.

Colin’s Selections

Human Malfunction by SkyBurnsRed (Swindon)
Madchester by I Am Three (Manchester)

Sarah’s Selections

Interrupt by Toy Horses (Cardiff)
The Terrorist by Captain Dangerous (Nottingham)

Pete’s Selections

Calico Stomp by Kaya Project (London)
(I’ll Be Your) Chrysanthemum [Live at Shibuya O-East] by The Soap Company (Croydon)