Made in The UK Show 177

Hosted by Ro of DarkCompass   The Pocket Gods: Advanced Calculus Elvis and I (St.Albans) Alex Thomas Davis: StarDreamer And So I Watched you from Afar: Wasps (Belfast) The Valkarys: Meraki (Edinburgh) The Rezillos: Spike Heeled Assassin (Edinburgh) Tape Runs… Read More »Made in The UK Show 177

Made in The UK Show 153

Hosted by Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio Featuring Echo Raptors – Talking Machine Belfast As Elephants Are – Lucifer Aylesbury Shout Timber – Rich Man London Suzy Blu – Blu Leeds… Read More »Made in The UK Show 153

Made in The UK Show 152

This show is hosted by Dave and Caroline from The Bug Cast Featuring: Sons of Sin – The Dream Belfast, Northern Ireland Kognitif – Whiskey Lullaby Poitiers, France and Fort Augustus, Scottish Highlands Model Aeroplanes – Innocent Love… Read More »Made in The UK Show 152

Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show

Made in The UK is now 4 years old. Thanks to all the people who have contributed, and the artists that have let us play their tunes.
This show is a little odd. Everyone has submitted a track, which has previously been submitted by a different host. Listen, and you’ll get the picture.