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Made in The UK Show 178

This week hosted by Colin of The Ouroboros Podcast

SKYwave by The Capture Effect

Salvation by Milton Star
Fife, Scotland

Colours by The Hazel Empire

Track: 24 by Come The Spring

Wasting Time by The Phantoms
Broxburn, Scotland

Roll With The Punches by Los Trasgos Muertos


Made in The UK Show 177

Hosted by Ro of DarkCompass


The Pocket Gods: Advanced Calculus Elvis and I (St.Albans)

Alex Thomas Davis: StarDreamer

And So I Watched you from Afar: Wasps (Belfast)

The Valkarys: Meraki (Edinburgh)

The Rezillos: Spike Heeled Assassin (Edinburgh)

Tape Runs Out: Friends (Cambridge)

Sea Bed: Haunted (Brighton)

Cold in Berlin: The Bell (London)


Made In The UK Show 176

Hosted by Stuart of Insomnia Radio: UK


  • Fall Walk Run – Off The Ground
    Wolverhampton | Web Site
  • The Vultures – Weakest Storm
    London | Web Site
  • Ever – Bodies
    Isle of Wight | Web Site
  • Cavalry – An Understanding
    Liverpool | Facebook
  • Superhand – Bass And Guns
    Mid Wales | Web Site
  • Piney Gir – Keep It Together
    London | SoundCloud
  • Cartesian Jetstream – Ancestors
    Isle of Man | Web Site
  • Frazer – Two Hands
    Sheffield | Facebook
  • DeepShade – Bring The Axe Down
    Wigan | Facebook
  • Little Lapin – Remember The Highs
    Bristol | Web Site
  • Astrid’s Tea Party – Black Swan
    Brighton and London | Web Site
  • Fossa – Sea of Trees
    London | Facebook

Made in the UK Show 174

This time around, Made in the UK is hosted by Claire Rozario and Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show and contains music from UK artists Miccoli, Skies, Something Someone, Little Brother Eli, Fjokra, Ginger on the Rocks, Jazz Morley, Anna Pancaldi and The Floodgates.

Listen below and subscribe in the sidebar on the site or find Made in the UK Show on iTunes, Stitcher, and almost every place that will let you subscribe to a podcast!

The Playlist