Made in The UK 113

Hosted by me, Rowley, from DarkCompass this week. This time we all got together (sort of) over Skype. Firstly my conversation with Dave and Caroline from The Bugcast, with their submissions, and their comments about mine, then with Pete from… Read More »Made in The UK 113

Made in the UK 79

A Made in the UK first this week with 4 hosts! We have Dave and Caroline from The Bugcast, Stuart Morrison from Insomnia Radio UK, and Rowley from Dark Compass. We have bands from the north-east and south-west of England,… Read More »Made in the UK 79

Made in the UK 71

Pete Cogle introduces the show this time, with come great tunes, helped along by Rowley and Colin. Pete Submissions: Riot Inc, The Soap Company (Croydon) Sensei, Max Hall (Nottingham) Rowleys Submissions: Fist of Time, by The Daylight Faded (London) Fyrom,… Read More »Made in the UK 71

Made in the UK 66

Another new host – Stuart from Insomnia Radio UK, here to tickle your musical earbuds. With some great tunes from around the UK too, Colin and Rowley join the fray Stuarts Submission: Medicine, by Ryko Saints (London) We cannot function,… Read More »Made in the UK 66