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Made In The UK Show 179

Hosted by Dave of The Bugcast


Loveshadow – The Sweetest Sin (ft. Trifonic & Amelia June)
from Midlands, England

The Vow – Free The World
from Liverpool, England

Nate Maingard – In The Shadows
from London, England

Heifervescent – Colder Than The Edge Of Space
from Southport, England

Patsy Whyte – We Are Skittles
from Dunfermline, Scotland

Light Over There – Where Memories Live
from Minneapolis, MN and Dumfries, Scotland

(picture: Heifervescent, taken from magnatune.com/artists/heifervescent)

Made in the UK 44

Another special introduction by Graham Holland this week, for us and his listeners over at It’s a Frogs Life Acoustic. A very different selection of from Grahams usual show,
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Grahams Submissions
Absent Friends by No Fixed Abode (Midlands)
Rambling Time by Palava. (Nottingham)
Colins Submissions
There You Go by GK & The Renegades (Liverpool)
Confusion Parade by Rieser (Edinburgh)
Alans Submissions
Now I’m Gone (Is Your Life Better) by Marcus Bonfanti (London)
The Safe House by Citadels (London)

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