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Made in The UK Show 183

  1. Xova: 9 Lives (from “The Soho Road Sessions EP”, Birmingham)
  2. Lights That Change: Toxic (from “Rock Back for Nepal”, Mold, North Wales)
  3. The Manhattan Love Suicides: Anything But Satisfied (from “Rock Back for Nepal”)
  4. The Train Set: Hold On (from “Never California”, Crewe)
  5. Rum Thief: Reach for The Weatherman (from “Reach for The Weatherman”, Manchester)
  6. Snowbird: Porcelain (Single Release)
  7. The Winachi Tribe: Time for Love (from “Time for Love”, Warrington)
  8. Nordic Giants: Rapture (featuring Beth Cannon)(from “A Séance of Dark Delusions”)

Made in the UK 78 – Podcrawl Special

Professionalism completely thrown out of the window this time with some interviews with the hosts of Made in the UK after some alcohol was consumed for Podcrawl. Thanks to Adnams for sponsoring the event. There is expletives throughout, and so not entirely safe for work, but safe for headphones.

Sad Songs, by Koomla (London)
Al Jihad (The Struggle), by Celt Islam (Manchester)
Austere, by The Joy Formidable (Mold)
Brain Stem, by Lord Numb (London)
Keep it Fierce, by Rebel Soul Collective (Nottingham)
Apology to the Feminine, by Zalinski (London)
Its a Rave Dave, by Trash Fashion (London)
Ships with holes will Sink, by We were Promised Jetpacks (Scotland)
Square One, The Wide Eyes (Midhurst)




Many many thanks to the hosts, and to the artists who let us play their music on the show, without them, these projects would not happen.

Made in the UK 69

Stuart, Alan and Colin give you six of the best.

Stuarts Submissions:
Fever, by The Exits (Portsmouth)
People say,by The Chinese Fireworks Company (London)
Alans Submissions:
The Shallow Call (Northwich)
Frank Bruno
Where we all hang around
Colins Submissions
Cradle, by The Joy Formidable (Mold)
Your Question is Important (Trowbridge)

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Made in the UK 66

Another new host – Stuart from Insomnia Radio UK, here to tickle your musical earbuds. With some great tunes from around the UK too, Colin and Rowley join the fray

Stuarts Submission:
Medicine, by Ryko Saints (London)
We cannot function, by Rookie Cop (Nottinghamshire)
Colins Submission:
Pole Dancer, by Red Track (Southend)
Flay Back Home, by Long Story Short (Hampshire)
Rowleys Submission:
Austere, by The Joy Formidable (Mold, Wales)
Rising of the Tide (Demo), by Illuminatus (Nottingham)

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