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Made in The UK 186

Welcome to MIUK 186, this time hosted by Colin of The Ourobouros Podcast

  1. Here Is The Place by Empathy Test from London
  2. Love Like Fire by Tom McNair from Bath
  3. Kingdom Of The Beasts by Tony Volker from London
  4. 17 by Street Party In Soho from Newcastle
  5. Curtain Call by The Marks Cartel from Swansea
  6. Feel At Ease from Los And The Deadlines from London


Made in the UK 97

Hey, it’s me again, Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show and I’ll actually NOT be in the UK briefly as I’m on holiday!  I’ll bring back pictures.

However Pete Cogle from The PCP ‘Cast, DubZone… has brought some tracks along and so has Gabor Kovacs of The Electrical Language Podcast.  Sound like a recipe for delicious ear candy?  You’re absolutely right.

Gabor’s Submissions (The Electrical Language Podcast)

Pete’s Submissions (Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory)

Justin’s Submissions (The Justin Wayne Show)

Made in the UK 23

Electronica, acoustic and rock abounds in this show with three of the best!

Colins Submissions:
Razmataz Lorry Excitement– The Biggest Waste of 33 Minutes (Newcastle)
Izzie Voodoo – Sound (Barnsley)

Grahams Submissions:
3 Blind Mice– Emily Has Compassion Fatigue (London)
The Shakes and Lady A– Liberty Jones (London)

Rowley’s Submissions:
Daisy B – Sympathy (London)
9 Days Down – Ideology (Essex)

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