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Made in The UK Show 171

Hosted by Graham Holland from the Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight and the It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast


Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls – Rags And Bones
Rags And Bones EP available from jocarleyandtheolddryskulls.bandcamp.com


James Bartholomew – Far Away


James M Carson – Nothing Is Lost
Sold As Scene EP available from jamesmcarson.bandcamp.com


Merry Hell – There’s A Ghost In Our House
North West England
The Ghost EP is available from the band’s website, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify


Piefinger – Other Side Of The Morning
The album Where You Might Go available from the band’s website


Jon Gomm – Passionflower
The album Secrets Nobody Keeps available from Jon’s website
Check out Jon’s 2015 UK tour


Made In The UK 102

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from 7 other members of the Made In The UK family.

A bit of a special show this week, as not only are we tipping the nod to Hallowe’en as this show is released on October 31, but also we’re paying a tribute in part to the Sheffield Podcrawl from where two interviews were recorded live.

Rowley’s Submission
Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead), by Zombina and the Skeletones (Liverpool)

Sarah’s Submission
Terrortone Pheromone, by Dick Venom and the Terrortones (Nottingham)

Count Nick’s Submission
Ghost Car, by Paul Liddell (Sunderland)

Gabor’s Submission
Slowest Summer, by The Nurse Who Loved Me (Southend)
Echoes In The Alleyway: a tribute to Doves

Graham’s Submission
Hedgerider, by Piefinger (London)
Bed music: The Things In The Attic, by James Alan Gourley (Glasgow)

Colin’s Submission
Scarey, by The Kiara Elles (Leeds)

Stuart’s Submission
Hotel Hippy Hang Out, by Zombie Met Girl (London)

Dave & Caroline’s Submission
Eight Nineteen, by Matt Stevens (London)

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