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Made in the UK 73

New things are happening here at Made in the UK, this is the first of separately hosted show. We are confident that you will like what we are going to do with this show, and how it’s progressing. This time… Read More »Made in the UK 73

Made in the UK 71

Pete Cogle introduces the show this time, with come great tunes, helped along by Rowley and Colin. Pete Submissions: Riot Inc, The Soap Company (Croydon) Sensei, Max Hall (Nottingham) Rowleys Submissions: Fist of Time, by The Daylight Faded (London) Fyrom,… Read More »Made in the UK 71

Made in the UK 68

Graham from It’s a frogs life hosts this week with Colin in the middle and another great submissions by Dave of The Bugcast. Grahams Submissions: Driven to Dance, Oxbow Lake Orchestra (Edinburgh) Second Coming,by Azoora (London) Colins Submissions: Hertz, by… Read More »Made in the UK 68

Made in the UK 62

Colin lets loose with this episode with some classic dance, with Rowley and Pete following at the rear with some great tunes from around the UK Colins Submissions: In your face, by 808 State (Manchester) Warpath, by Tapasia(Belfast) Rowleys Submissions… Read More »Made in the UK 62

Made in the UK 54

Back to regular shows, great tunes from Graham, Colin and Pete this week. Spread the Word! Grahams Submissions: Let me in by Hague(Alnwick) Pithead Wheels by Simon Todd (Holywell) Colins Showcase: Anemo (Brighton) Filthy Figure Skater Johnny 5 Petes Submissions:… Read More »Made in the UK 54