Made in The UK Show 177

Hosted by Ro of DarkCompass   The Pocket Gods: Advanced Calculus Elvis and I (St.Albans) Alex Thomas Davis: StarDreamer And So I Watched you from Afar: Wasps (Belfast) The Valkarys: Meraki (Edinburgh) The Rezillos: Spike Heeled Assassin (Edinburgh) Tape Runs… Read More »Made in The UK Show 177

Made in the UK 29

This week, we shall mostly be playing tracks from London & Bath (With an interloper from Lancashire.) Petes Submissions: Whitestar – Lebanese Girlfriend (London, England) Say – Yr Kicks (Pendle, England) Colins Submissions: Lego Castles – My First Casio (Bath,… Read More »Made in the UK 29