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Made In The UK Show 136

Made in the UK is hosted this week by Justin Wayne of The Justin Wayne Show and joined by Mr Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast and Mr Rowley Cutler of The DarkCompass Show.  We’ve decided to break the cardinal rule of radio (because we’re podcasters) and have each submitted two tracks with extreme differences in sound.  Should be fun, although I think Rowley wins on biggest differentiation…

Nick’s Submissions

Rowley’s Submissions

Justin’s Submissions

Made in the UK 98

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from Colin Gazeley from Ourobouros Podcast and Sarah Morrison from Insomnia Radio: New York.

Colin’s Submissions
You Turn Up, by Doll & The Kicks (Brighton)
From Heroes To Angels, by Never A Hero (Sudbury)

Sarah’s Submissions
Famous Last Words, by Ed Vallance (London)
Colombian Coke Float, by Piblokto (Newport, Wales)

Dave & Caroline’s Submissions
Like A Magnet, by amplifico (Edinburgh)
Pioneering, by Golden Hours (Reading)

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Made In The UK 81

On the first Made in the UK of 2010 we welcome a brand new member of the MIUK family – Justin Wayne. Don’t be fooled by the American accent – Justin is based here in the UK and plays lots of UK bands and musicians on The Justin Wayne Show. We’ve also got two tracks from Dave and Caroline Lee over at The Bug Cast, as well as a couple of tracks from host Graham Holland of the It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast.

Justin’s Submissions:
Duck Duck Goose, by
Elisabeth Blair (London)
One Blank Channel, by
The Complete Short Stories (London)

Dave and Caroline’s Submissions:
Make A Stand, by
Mister Fusty (Whitley Bay)
Digging, by
Blake (Bath)

Graham’s Submissions:
Robber Barons, by
Battlefield Band (Scotland)
It’s Cold Outside, by
Lowri Evans (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

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