Made in the UK 32

A musical journey this week as we go from some instrumental acoustic music through some laid-back rock followed by a quick detour to weirdness to finally arrive at some pumping electronica.

Grahams Submissions:
Tom Janssen – Neals Tune (London, England)
David Buckingham – Chiemsee (Southend-on-Sea, England)

izzies Submissions:
Geoff Scott – No Other Way (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales)
Ockhams Raiser – In The Evening (Wales)

Pauls Submissions:
The Chap – Carlos, Walter, Wendy, Stanley (London, England)
Azoora – Restless At The Hacienda (London, England)

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1 thought on “Made in the UK 32”

  1. Jen from Inside My Head and Hyper Nonsense

    “Carlos, Walter, Wendy, Stanley”… is now stuck in my head. Such a catchy little tune.

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