Made in the UK 83

What a fantastic Made in the UK we’ve brewed up for you this week, and it’s my first time in the pilot’s chair so I’ll try and do y’all proud. Yeah, it’s your American-in-London presenter, Justin Wayne.

As 83 is the year of my birth (put away your calculators) it is a fitting week for me to have my first go as it was my own show’s birthday this week. That means I’m bringing along my best tracks of the year – and they all happened to be from the UK! With all the US submissions I get (that’s where I’m from, if you haven’t caught that yet) it was pretty astounding to see the voting and judges results… but they ARE fantastic songs.

But first, my cohosts…

Gabor of the Electrical Language Podcast:

Pete Cogle from PCP, The Dub Zone, and The Dubstep Zone:

Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show

Thanks for a great show! Sarah Morrison from Insomnia Radio New York is at the helm next time so keep it locked here for the next podcast. Every fortnight on Sunday.



~JW and the MiUK Crew

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