Made in the UK 84

Popping my hosting cherry for Made in the UK, I (Sarah Morrison, Insomnia Radio: New York) am joined by Graham Holland of It’s a Frog’s Life and Colin Gazeley of Ourobouros for a delectable feast of indie aural delights.

Sarah’s submissions (first and last tracks):
Black Heart, Blue Eyes, by Tigers That Talked (Leeds)
TDK 90 by Ten City Nation (Bury St Edmunds)
Graham’s submissions:
Icarus, by Matt Tyler (Birmingham)
Monkey on the Bus, by Indigo Road (London) [Free song download!]
Colin’s submissions:
The Same Routine, by Echolounge (Cardiff)
Best Girl, by Checking Pulse(Guildford)
Thanks to G&C for a great show!
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