Made in the UK 89

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from Rowley Cutler from Dark Compass, and Colin Gazeley from Ourobouros Podcast

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted… wonderful technical problems at the Bugcastle.

Rowley’s Submissions
The Decay of Hope, by Obsessive Compulsive (Manchester)
Defeated by the Sea, by Stereo Juggernaut (London)

Colin’s Submissions
Gun, by The Burning Fields (Glasgow)
Nothing Major, Something Sergeant, by Pareto (Glasgow)

Dave & Caroline’s Submissions
It’s Coming Together, by Heifervescent (Southport)
Little Girl, by Black Circles (London)

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2 thoughts on “Made in the UK 89”

  1. Hello from Across the Pond:
    I am Rob K. from the United States …I now live in a small town in Somersville, Connecticut. Just bought a house here last year and loving it. I listen to the show every week through RSS feed , but I recently bought a Zune MP3 Player. So I wanted to subscribe to your show through Zune and when I do It asks me if I want to subscribe to the Dark Compass Podcast ????…why is this????…I want to subscribe to your show ..I do enjoy THE DARK COMPASS podcast and currently subscribed through Zune….so what’s the deal????…I don’t get it

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