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Made in The UK Show 177

Hosted by Ro of DarkCompass


The Pocket Gods: Advanced Calculus Elvis and I (St.Albans)

Alex Thomas Davis: StarDreamer

And So I Watched you from Afar: Wasps (Belfast)

The Valkarys: Meraki (Edinburgh)

The Rezillos: Spike Heeled Assassin (Edinburgh)

Tape Runs Out: Friends (Cambridge)

Sea Bed: Haunted (Brighton)

Cold in Berlin: The Bell (London)


Made In The UK Show 149

A little late, but a good one none the less.
Hosted by Ro of DarkCompass, and Nick of Is This Thing On. Just the two of us this time around, making this a short and sweet little show of a bright sunny Sunday.

Ro’s First Submission

  • Orestea: You Keep Telling Yourself That, Surrey
  • Nick’s Submissions

  • Matte Blake: Died for a Night
  • Grant Sharkey: Yo Momma
  • Ro’s Second Submission

  • Syd Arthur: Dorothy (Live), Canterbury
  • Made In The UK Show 146

    This time around hosted by Ro of DarkCompass, Stuart of Insomnia Radio UK, and Nick Tann of Is This Thing on. A Bumper collection this time with three submissions from each.

    Ros First Submission:
    Laurence Made Me Cry: The Rain Song (Bristol)
    Stuarts Submissions:
    Clockwork Radio: Feel it Up (London)
    The I.D.: Age Anti Age (London)
    Veronica Falls: My Heart Beats (London)
    Ros Second Submission:
    The Loaded Dice: Love Letters (Manchester)
    Nicks Submissions:
    Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards: In My Laboratory (South)
    The Murder Barn: Harvest (London)
    Bobby Good: Grace (Brighton)
    Ros Last Submission:
    Cold in Berlin: … and the darkness bangs (London)

    Download Direct (Right Click, Save)

    Made In The UK Show 143

    Hosted by Ro for DarkCompass, with Dave and Caroline Lee from The Bugcast, Stuart and Sarah Morrison from Insomnia Radio, and Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show

    Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Eyes Wide Shut, Manchester
    Brazil Exists: Cars and Aeroplanes, Stirling
    Spaceships are Cool: She waits along the lines, Nottingham
    Cannula: Dirty Harry, Wigan
    Juey: Desire for More, Cheltenham

    Download (Right Click or Control+Click, and save as)

    Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show

    Made in The UK is now 4 years old. Thanks to all the people who have contributed, and the artists that have let us play their tunes.
    This show is a little odd. Everyone has submitted a track, which has previously been submitted by a different host. Listen, and you’ll get the picture.

    You will hear:
    The Clockwork Quartet: The Doctors Wife, London
    Heifervescent: Figure 8, Stockport
    The Pocket Gods: This is now, St Albans
    Orkestra Del Sol: This is Honkstep, Edinburgh
    Matt Stevens: Ghost, London
    Jon Gomm: Passionflower, Leeds
    The Vaselines: Sex With An Ex, Glasgow
    In Isolation: Virus, Nottingham
    Strait Laces: Where The Wolf Roam, Belfast

    We’ll be taking a break until the new year, see you then.