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Made in the UK Show 132

Today’s show is co-hosted by Rowley from DarkCompass , Stuart from Insomnia Radio UK and Nick Tann from The Is This Thing on Podcast.

Track Listing

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Made In The UK Show 125

This week’s show is hosted by Rowley, and the other two co-founders of MIUK, Colin, and Pete.
This was a live skype recording, and something went wrong. I apologise for my voice, there was an echo. It did not effect Dave or Colin, just me. I hope it does not lower your enjoyment of the show.

The Songs were:
Owl, by My Toys Like Me (London)
Bodies, by Catfish and The Bottle Men (Llandudno)
The Only Ones, by Berlin Black and The Shades of Grey (York)
Apathetic, by Burning Bright (Edinburgh)
Drop, by Burning Shapes (Sevenoaks, Kent)
Passionflower, by Jon Gomm (Leeds)

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Made in The UK 113

Hosted by me, Rowley, from DarkCompass this week. This time we all got together (sort of) over Skype. Firstly my conversation with Dave and Caroline from The Bugcast, with their submissions, and their comments about mine, then with Pete from his group of shows PCP, The Dub Zone, The Dub Step Zone, and the New HipHip Zone all at Pete Cogle.Com. We hope you like it.
We discuss metal, and make decisions over the next Podcrawl

Made in The UK 100

A celebratory show hosted by Rowley with lots of Skype calls with Pete, Justin, Dave and Caroline, with extra submissions from Colin, Graham and Gabor, finishing off with a special new host. Over hour or great UK music.


Made In the UK Show 95 – Podcrawl Summer 2010

A great special, with beer and recording device we had a great time, with tunes from around the country, as well as podcasters.