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Made in the UK Show 144

This week’s show is hosted by Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show, and joined by Nick Tann from Is This Thing On Podcast and Graham Holland from It’s a Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast and Liverpool Acoustic.

Graham’s selections:

Nick’s selections:

Justin’s selections:

Made In The UK Show 143

Hosted by Ro for DarkCompass, with Dave and Caroline Lee from The Bugcast, Stuart and Sarah Morrison from Insomnia Radio, and Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show

Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Eyes Wide Shut, Manchester
Brazil Exists: Cars and Aeroplanes, Stirling
Spaceships are Cool: She waits along the lines, Nottingham
Cannula: Dirty Harry, Wigan
Juey: Desire for More, Cheltenham

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Made In The UK Show 136

Made in the UK is hosted this week by Justin Wayne of The Justin Wayne Show and joined by Mr Nick Tann of Is This Thing On Podcast and Mr Rowley Cutler of The DarkCompass Show.  We’ve decided to break the cardinal rule of radio (because we’re podcasters) and have each submitted two tracks with extreme differences in sound.  Should be fun, although I think Rowley wins on biggest differentiation…

Nick’s Submissions

Rowley’s Submissions

Justin’s Submissions

Made in the UK Show 110

That’s right, it’s Justin Wayne – the token American – back putting together this week’s show for you with two brilliant UK podcasters along.  Stuart Morrison of Insomnia Radio UK is aboard with a great pair of tracks and so is Rowley Cutler of Dark Compass, who we’ll hear from first.

Rowley’s Submissions

Stuart’s Submissions

Justin’s Submissions
See you in a fortnight!
~JW and the MiUK Team

Made in The UK 100

A celebratory show hosted by Rowley with lots of Skype calls with Pete, Justin, Dave and Caroline, with extra submissions from Colin, Graham and Gabor, finishing off with a special new host. Over hour or great UK music.