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Made in The UK Show 197

  1. Daniel Land: Saints with His Mercy (from “In Love With A Ghost”, London)
  2. The Society: Begging (Single Release, North West)
  3. Gabriel Collins: Ignoramus (from “Count The Seconds”, London)
  4. Straight Jacket Legends: She’ll Never Be Mine (feat. Brendan Brown)(from “Go Bananas”, Holyhead, Wales)
  5. Vektrill: I’ll Never Die (Worthing, Surrey)
  6. The Honeyfire: Replica (Single Release, Bristol)


Made in The UK Show 196

Ro has a cold this week, so he’s not saying much, but 8 great tracks are played here for your approval.

  1. Liberty Ship: Learning to Fly, Sheffield
  2. Deathboy: Alien (The Big Hangover), London
  3. Only Shadows: Be Still
  4. The Marivaux: Ebb and Flow, Manchester
  5. New Revival: S.T.A.Y, Aberdare
  6. STLP: Station, Birmingham
  7. Tom Hingley Band: Toy, Oxfordshire
  8. A Jokers Rage: Black Sheep, York


Made in The UK Show 183

  1. Xova: 9 Lives (from “The Soho Road Sessions EP”, Birmingham)
  2. Lights That Change: Toxic (from “Rock Back for Nepal”, Mold, North Wales)
  3. The Manhattan Love Suicides: Anything But Satisfied (from “Rock Back for Nepal”)
  4. The Train Set: Hold On (from “Never California”, Crewe)
  5. Rum Thief: Reach for The Weatherman (from “Reach for The Weatherman”, Manchester)
  6. Snowbird: Porcelain (Single Release)
  7. The Winachi Tribe: Time for Love (from “Time for Love”, Warrington)
  8. Nordic Giants: Rapture (featuring Beth Cannon)(from “A Séance of Dark Delusions”)

Made in The UK Show 169

Hosted this time by everyone.
This is a Best of 2014 Special, introduced by Ro of DarkCompass

Ro’s First Submission:

Colins Submissions:

Stuarts Submissions:

Dave and Carolines Submissions:

Justins Submissions:

Grahams Submissions:

Ro’s Last submission:






Made In The UK Show 146

This time around hosted by Ro of DarkCompass, Stuart of Insomnia Radio UK, and Nick Tann of Is This Thing on. A Bumper collection this time with three submissions from each.

Ros First Submission:
Laurence Made Me Cry: The Rain Song (Bristol)
Stuarts Submissions:
Clockwork Radio: Feel it Up (London)
The I.D.: Age Anti Age (London)
Veronica Falls: My Heart Beats (London)
Ros Second Submission:
The Loaded Dice: Love Letters (Manchester)
Nicks Submissions:
Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards: In My Laboratory (South)
The Murder Barn: Harvest (London)
Bobby Good: Grace (Brighton)
Ros Last Submission:
Cold in Berlin: … and the darkness bangs (London)

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