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Made in the UK 87

An Easter special, coordinated by Gabor, but featuring all the regulars.

Pete Cogle presents:
And The Pondlife Flourished by Heifervescent (Southport, Lancashire)
Then over to Dave and Caroline with
Not The Only One by Jackshammer (Hereford)
Followed by Justin‘s contribution
Born Again by Stevie and The Moon (Hillfoots, Scotland)
Stuart gives us
Songs of Sympathy by M1 Connect (Nottingham)
Then it’s me, Gabor, playing
All Coming Back by The Steals (Manchester)
Colin‘s contribution is
Warning by The Raudive (Cambridge)
And Graham presents
So Sad About Us by Buzz Radio (Liverpool)
Followed by Sarah‘s submission
Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You by Captain Dangerous (Nottingham)
and to close the show, Rowley plays for us
The Silence by The Daylight Faded (London)

Made In The UK 81

On the first Made in the UK of 2010 we welcome a brand new member of the MIUK family – Justin Wayne. Don’t be fooled by the American accent – Justin is based here in the UK and plays lots of UK bands and musicians on The Justin Wayne Show. We’ve also got two tracks from Dave and Caroline Lee over at The Bug Cast, as well as a couple of tracks from host Graham Holland of the It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast.

Justin’s Submissions:
Duck Duck Goose, by
Elisabeth Blair (London)
One Blank Channel, by
The Complete Short Stories (London)

Dave and Caroline’s Submissions:
Make A Stand, by
Mister Fusty (Whitley Bay)
Digging, by
Blake (Bath)

Graham’s Submissions:
Robber Barons, by
Battlefield Band (Scotland)
It’s Cold Outside, by
Lowri Evans (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

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Made in the UK 78 – Podcrawl Special

Professionalism completely thrown out of the window this time with some interviews with the hosts of Made in the UK after some alcohol was consumed for Podcrawl. Thanks to Adnams for sponsoring the event. There is expletives throughout, and so not entirely safe for work, but safe for headphones.

Sad Songs, by Koomla (London)
Al Jihad (The Struggle), by Celt Islam (Manchester)
Austere, by The Joy Formidable (Mold)
Brain Stem, by Lord Numb (London)
Keep it Fierce, by Rebel Soul Collective (Nottingham)
Apology to the Feminine, by Zalinski (London)
Its a Rave Dave, by Trash Fashion (London)
Ships with holes will Sink, by We were Promised Jetpacks (Scotland)
Square One, The Wide Eyes (Midhurst)




Many many thanks to the hosts, and to the artists who let us play their music on the show, without them, these projects would not happen.

Made in the UK 64

Alan, Gabor and Pete give you the delights of UK Music this time around. Be sure to check their shows out, and give the bands a look too, tell them you heard them here on Made in the UK.

Alans Submission:
The Fine Line, by Gorman (Scotland)
Cry no more, by Greystar (Scotland)
Petes Submission:
The Wrong Girl, by In Isolation (Nottingham)
Selfish Cow, by The Soap Company (London)
Gabors Submission:
I can’t Dance, by Jack Robert Hardman (Berkshire)
Evil Dead, by The Planets (Manchester)

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Made in the UK 62

Colin lets loose with this episode with some classic dance, with Rowley and Pete following at the rear with some great tunes from around the UK

Colins Submissions:
In your face, by 808 State (Manchester)
Warpath, by Tapasia(Belfast)
Rowleys Submissions
Within the Boundaries, by Daniel Land and the Modern Painters (Manchester)
Crave, By Filthy Kicks (London)
Petes Submissions:
Militant Tendancies, by Pockets of Resistance (Scotland)
Let the Spirit (Hot Chip Mix), by Roots Manuvah(London)

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