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Made in the UK Show 193

Hosted by Stuart of Insomnia Radio: UK

Song Listing and Links

Made In The UK Show 185

Hosted by Dave and Caroline of The Bugcast


Heifervescent – Doll Face
from Southport, England

Publisher – Empty Hands
from Edinburgh, Scotland

Lake of Kings – Lotus
from Reading, England

Stellar Art Wars – Acceptance (feat. Snowflake)
from Colchester, England

Heroes – The Circles
from Taunton, England

Heifervescent – Messing With The Envelope
from Southport, England

(picture: Publisher, taken from publisher.bandcamp.com)

Made in The UK Show 164

Hosted by Colin of The Ourobouros Podcast


Rue Royale: Set Out To Discover
From Nottingham, England

Jingo: When You Want Me
From London, England

Alburn: The Nurses Can’t Help Me
From Perth, Scotland

Vienna Ditto: Feeling Go
From Reading, England

Makala Cheung: Take Me
From Bristol, England

The Irrepressibles: Forbidden
From London, England


Made in the UK Show 140

Graham Holland from the It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast and the Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight hosts Made in the UK Show 140 with one song from each of his shows. Also providing more of the best new music made right here in the UK are Colin Gazeley of the Ourobouros Podcast, and Dave and Caroline Lee from The Bugcast.

Dave and Caroline’s selection

Colin’s selection

Graham’s selection

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Made in the UK 98

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from Colin Gazeley from Ourobouros Podcast and Sarah Morrison from Insomnia Radio: New York.

Colin’s Submissions
You Turn Up, by Doll & The Kicks (Brighton)
From Heroes To Angels, by Never A Hero (Sudbury)

Sarah’s Submissions
Famous Last Words, by Ed Vallance (London)
Colombian Coke Float, by Piblokto (Newport, Wales)

Dave & Caroline’s Submissions
Like A Magnet, by amplifico (Edinburgh)
Pioneering, by Golden Hours (Reading)

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