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Made in The UK Show 182

Hosted by Ro from DarkCompass

  • Ceiling Demons: Every Step (Follow The Lights Remix) (Single Release, Yorkshire)
  • Shooze: Rolling on The Wrong Side (from “Classified”, Redditch)
  • Old House Playground: All Day Today (from “The Great Escape EP”, Manchester)
  • Chelsea: Someone Like You (from “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning”, London
  • Swedish Death Candy: So Long… (from So Long, Farewell, London)
  • Night Dials: I’ve Done More Things (Single Release, London)
  • Calling Apollo: Monsters (from “Hunter Gatherer”, Cardiff)
  • Nordic Giants: Shine (feat Cate Ferris)


Made in the UK Show 132

Today’s show is co-hosted by Rowley from DarkCompass , Stuart from Insomnia Radio UK and Nick Tann from The Is This Thing on Podcast.

Track Listing

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MIUK 117 Podcrawl Special

On the 21st May 2011. I interviewed a lot of the members of Made in the UK in the glorious city of London, whilst drinking real ale. Beware, silliness ahead.

Made in the UK 72

Summer is over, but the great music keeps coming, with a fresh new batch of UK music from Rowley, Stuart and Colin.

Rowleys Submissions:
Odio, by The Kiara Elles (Leeds)
EvilMatt Goss
“Evil” (mp3)
from “Evil”
(U & L Records, Inc.)

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Stuarts Submissions:
Queen of the Disco, by Hail to the Eskimo (South Yorkshire)
But What About The Future, by The Toy Horses (Cardiff)
Colins Submissions:
See Right Through, by The Hot Beds (London)
I Just Wanna Stick My Head In The Bass Drum, by We Rock Like Girls Don’t (London)

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