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Made In The UK Show 146

This time around hosted by Ro of DarkCompass, Stuart of Insomnia Radio UK, and Nick Tann of Is This Thing on. A Bumper collection this time with three submissions from each.

Ros First Submission:
Laurence Made Me Cry: The Rain Song (Bristol)
Stuarts Submissions:
Clockwork Radio: Feel it Up (London)
The I.D.: Age Anti Age (London)
Veronica Falls: My Heart Beats (London)
Ros Second Submission:
The Loaded Dice: Love Letters (Manchester)
Nicks Submissions:
Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards: In My Laboratory (South)
The Murder Barn: Harvest (London)
Bobby Good: Grace (Brighton)
Ros Last Submission:
Cold in Berlin: … and the darkness bangs (London)

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Made In The UK Show 142

Hosted by Ro for DarkCompass, with Nick Tann from Is This Thing On?, and the duo Dave and Caroline Lee from The Bugcast.

Ro’s First Submission:
Viking Skull: Second Left on Harris. Corby
Dave and Carolines Submissions:
The House Of The Old Boat: Piccadilly. London
Thom Morecroft: Holly. Liverpool
Nicks Submissions:
Melissa James: I Need You Here
Race Car Hearts: Mother Midnight
Ro’s Second Submission:
Curxes: Once Upon a Time. Brighton

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Made In The UK Show 141

Pete Cogle, from Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory, Rowley Cutler, from Dark Compass and DCMS and Nick Tann from Is This Thing On Podcast, present 6 of the best from Blighty.

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Made In The UK Show 138

Today’s show is co-hosted by Rowley Cutler from DarkCompass , Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show and Graham from The It’s a Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast.

Track Listing

Rowley’s Choice:
Where was I, by Trip to Dover. Brighton, England.

Justins Choices:
Pett Level by Keston Cobblers Club. Keston
Must Another Cliche by Calvin Roche. West London

Grahams Choices:
Cat’s Eyes, by Cross The Border
Manx Cat, by Man Get Out. Liverpool

Rowley’s Choice
Halo, by Jonny Cola and the A Grades. London

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Made In The UK Show 134

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from Pete Cogle from The Podcast Factory and Ro Cutler from Dark Compass

Pete’s Submissions
Kicks, by KillBill (Walterboro, South Carolina, USA) and Rav (London, England)
Lazy Dayz, by Spencer, Herbal Sound Man (East London)

Ro’s Submissions
Safe Side, by Red Kyte (Brighton)
Bad Code, by Chimp Spanner (Essex)

Dave & Caroline’s Submissions
Tom the Bigamist, by Crazy Quilt Bouquet (Torquay)
7 Shades, by John Russell Band (Peterborough)

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