Made in the UK 42

A special introduction by Pete Cogle this week, explaining what Made in the UK is all about to us, and his listeners over at PCPodcast. A great selection of tracks from three UK Podcasters. Spread the Word!

Pete’s Submissions
Gun Crime Dub, by Drummie Dan(London)
Suzie, by The Beggars Lake.(Glasgow)
Gabors Submissions
Bells of a Moon, by DazNez(Manchester)
Hear Me, by Colour of Time(Somewhere in Wales)
Grahams Submissions
Stop the video, by David Sanders(Bristol, England)
Butress Gala, by Jon Hollins(Pendle, Lancashire)

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1 thought on “Made in the UK 42”

  1. Jen from Inside My Head and Hyper Nonsense

    I just listened to this show, while catching up on email and Twitter. Very enjoyable! 🙂

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