Made in the UK 43

Another special introduction by Gabor Kovacs this week, for us and his listeners over at Electrical Language. A very different selection of great tracks from UK artists. Spread the Word!

Gabors Submissions
Play Bomb, by Izzie Voodoo(Sheffield)
Satellites, by Velma.(Belfast)
Alans Submissions
Trick of the Light, by The Franks(London)
At Gunpoint, by Joe Allen(Oxford)
Rowleys Submissions
Jellyfish, by Ace of Space(Somewhere in the UK)
Sunrise, by Civilized Tears(London)

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1 thought on “Made in the UK 43”

  1. Jen from Inside My Head and Hyper Nonsense

    Oh, how I love the song “Play Bomb” by Izzie Voodoo! It makes me dance, every time I hear it. I also really enjoyed the song “Sunrise” by Civilized Tears, which is new to me.

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