Made in the UK Show 187

This time around, Made in the UK is hosted by Justin Wayne from The Justin Wayne Show and contains music from UK artists The Buzzard Orchestral, Vinyl Staircase, Van Susans, The Floodgates, Ruby May Spencer, Anna Pancaldi, Runabay, Madi Davis and Allman Brown.

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The Playlist

Made in The UK 186

Welcome to MIUK 186, this time hosted by Colin of The Ourobouros Podcast

  1. Here Is The Place by Empathy Test from London
  2. Love Like Fire by Tom McNair from Bath
  3. Kingdom Of The Beasts by Tony Volker from London
  4. 17 by Street Party In Soho from Newcastle
  5. Curtain Call by The Marks Cartel from Swansea
  6. Feel At Ease from Los And The Deadlines from London


Made In The UK Show 185

Hosted by Dave and Caroline of The Bugcast


Heifervescent – Doll Face
from Southport, England

Publisher – Empty Hands
from Edinburgh, Scotland

Lake of Kings – Lotus
from Reading, England

Stellar Art Wars – Acceptance (feat. Snowflake)
from Colchester, England

Heroes – The Circles
from Taunton, England

Heifervescent – Messing With The Envelope
from Southport, England

(picture: Publisher, taken from

Made In The UK Show 184

Hosted by Stuart of Insomnia Radio: UK

Song Listing and Links

Made in The UK Show 183

  1. Xova: 9 Lives (from “The Soho Road Sessions EP”, Birmingham)
  2. Lights That Change: Toxic (from “Rock Back for Nepal”, Mold, North Wales)
  3. The Manhattan Love Suicides: Anything But Satisfied (from “Rock Back for Nepal”)
  4. The Train Set: Hold On (from “Never California”, Crewe)
  5. Rum Thief: Reach for The Weatherman (from “Reach for The Weatherman”, Manchester)
  6. Snowbird: Porcelain (Single Release)
  7. The Winachi Tribe: Time for Love (from “Time for Love”, Warrington)
  8. Nordic Giants: Rapture (featuring Beth Cannon)(from “A Séance of Dark Delusions”)

A Music Show dedicated to just the music from the United Kingdom. All the best this nation has to offer.