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Made In The UK Show 185

Hosted by Dave and Caroline of The Bugcast


Heifervescent – Doll Face
from Southport, England

Publisher – Empty Hands
from Edinburgh, Scotland

Lake of Kings – Lotus
from Reading, England

Stellar Art Wars – Acceptance (feat. Snowflake)
from Colchester, England

Heroes – The Circles
from Taunton, England

Heifervescent – Messing With The Envelope
from Southport, England

(picture: Publisher, taken from publisher.bandcamp.com)

Made In The UK Show 179

Hosted by Dave of The Bugcast


Loveshadow – The Sweetest Sin (ft. Trifonic & Amelia June)
from Midlands, England

The Vow – Free The World
from Liverpool, England

Nate Maingard – In The Shadows
from London, England

Heifervescent – Colder Than The Edge Of Space
from Southport, England

Patsy Whyte – We Are Skittles
from Dunfermline, Scotland

Light Over There – Where Memories Live
from Minneapolis, MN and Dumfries, Scotland

(picture: Heifervescent, taken from magnatune.com/artists/heifervescent)

Made in the UK 101

Gabor introduces this week, aided and abetted by new boy Nick and by Justin.  Between us we play 6 great songs for you to enjoy.

First off, Gabor plays:

Nick takes over to bring us:

  • Panic by Gideon’s Demise (Southampton)
  • Little Speck Of Blue by Marvin B Naylor (Winchester)

Then Justin takes over with:

And finally, back to Gabor for


Made in the UK 89

This week’s show is hosted by Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast with submissions from Rowley Cutler from Dark Compass, and Colin Gazeley from Ourobouros Podcast

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted… wonderful technical problems at the Bugcastle.

Rowley’s Submissions
The Decay of Hope, by Obsessive Compulsive (Manchester)
Defeated by the Sea, by Stereo Juggernaut (London)

Colin’s Submissions
Gun, by The Burning Fields (Glasgow)
Nothing Major, Something Sergeant, by Pareto (Glasgow)

Dave & Caroline’s Submissions
It’s Coming Together, by Heifervescent (Southport)
Little Girl, by Black Circles (London)

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Made in the UK 87

An Easter special, coordinated by Gabor, but featuring all the regulars.

Pete Cogle presents:
And The Pondlife Flourished by Heifervescent (Southport, Lancashire)
Then over to Dave and Caroline with
Not The Only One by Jackshammer (Hereford)
Followed by Justin‘s contribution
Born Again by Stevie and The Moon (Hillfoots, Scotland)
Stuart gives us
Songs of Sympathy by M1 Connect (Nottingham)
Then it’s me, Gabor, playing
All Coming Back by The Steals (Manchester)
Colin‘s contribution is
Warning by The Raudive (Cambridge)
And Graham presents
So Sad About Us by Buzz Radio (Liverpool)
Followed by Sarah‘s submission
Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You by Captain Dangerous (Nottingham)
and to close the show, Rowley plays for us
The Silence by The Daylight Faded (London)